New York Art Expo 2012


Hiya everyone! Welcome to Emily’s booth! ´ ▽ ` )ノ

This page is about my recent participation in the New York Art Expo 2012.

Please enjoy as I guide you trough the making of my masterpiece, ‘Arjuna Wiwaha’


Spanning almost two metres in length, Arjuna Wiwaha is a great tale of bravery

and love taken from the Hindu Epic Mahabharata. The story is told from the point of view of a ‘Dalang’  (Shadow Puppeteer) in traditional Javanese style.


It took me around two weeks to finish in between attending my classes!

It was a really ambitious project, and I tried blurring the boundaries of comics, illustration, and fine arts~

The materials I used are mixed media; synchromatic water colour, oil, acrylic, gouache, copic markers, even metallic gel pens!

The point is to bring out the richness of the epic by using different materials and multiple story perspectives…

Sometimes the narrator’s point of view, sometimes the protagonist’s and sometimes the supporting cast.



Here are examples of when I am using the really traditional style of drawing the ‘Wayang’ or shadow puppets.

Above is the Wayang Arjuna, or the noble protagonist puppet, and below is the four rivals, or antagonists.



There are stages of planning, penciling, inking, coloring and detailing processes I went trough…

I usually start with the highlights of the story or my favourite parts of the tale!


Try to spot my name in this picture ╮(─▽─)╭ Its hard~ but can you do it???


Now here’s the twist! This masterpiece may use the traditional, ancient Mahabharata Epic

as its inspiration, but to give it a fresh approach, I used pointilism techniques to enrich some parts,

particularly the dimension that we, and the narrator live in. I also used Chinese ink and

water colour styles, and the popular manga style that I’m familiar with!



Prior to creating the artwork, I researched many materials to preserve the beauty of the original story.

I love reading books anyway, so it was certainly a fun thing to do.. I also compared different versions before

choosing particular scenes that will really make the story’s moral and essence shine trough.。◕ ‿ ◕。




Since Arjuna, the protagonist could be compared to that of Hikaru Genji in the Tales of Genji story,

he definitely has a lot of romantic scenes going on!! I enjoy giving each woman he courted different

look and personalities according to his encounters and their potrayal in the story. (◡‿◡✿)




Now,now!!! looks like it’s almost complete! You can see that there are different dimensions,

and different atmospheres in the artwork… the clouds in particular, are used to signify

the emotions that the characters are feeling at that particular scene…


Moving on~ Let me explain now the different patterns and textile materials i used in the artwork

Actually the different Batik (Indonesian traditional fabric) here are from different provinces in Indonesia!

If you’re quite familiar with these beautiful fabrics, you’ll be able to point out which location is the origin

just by looking at its pattern and colouring alone!






Okay,,,, now, behold the sight of my personal booth in NY Art Expo!!!


The whole morning my brother helped me set up my booth, and get it ready for the grand opening

TA-DAAAHH!!! What great sight~~ now we’re ready for day 1!


Next is some lovely fellow artists and guests at my booth! I had so much more picture taken that I

can’t possibly upload them all ლ(╹◡╹ლ)

n11 n14 n13 n16-1024x682 n15 n18 n21 n24

I was really happy to meet awesome fellow artists in the exhibition!

They are really great people who taught me many lessons to further improve my work

Also many thanks to people who came to see my booth and purchased my artworks~

Hopefully it will bring happiness to those who view it!

Thank You for all of your support!!!


See you soon everyone!!! (▰˘◡˘▰)

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